Funny how things change

I used to laugh at people who spelled our country as “Amerika.” Here’s video of cops stopping a car full of video journalists in Chicago last night:

And in related news: At the time of this blog post, there are reports that the City of Chicago website has been DDOS’d. Over the weekend, there were reports of other such DDOSes.

Follow the Chicago protests today as they unfold, with the livestreamers the Chicago police and Homeland Security are following: Tim Pool’s web video streamLuke Rudkowski’s web video stream. On Twitter: Geoffrey Giraffe (@jiraffa), Tim Pool (@timcast), Luke Rudkowski (@lukewearechange).

3 thoughts on “Funny how things change

  1. Here’s Keven Gosztola’s report at FDL.

    We seem to actually be losing our liberties as we watch….

    Dang, I had my reservations about Obama, but I never dreamed in my worst nightmares he would turn out to be as bad as he actually is. Of course, I said something similar about Bush the Younger, that while I’d been prepared for what I thought was the worst, he far exceeded those fears.

    Something is truly wrong with the nation’s politics.

    Word to citizen journalists, and any journalists trying to capture what some of our police are doing: Little tiny camersas for backup. And good insurance for when the police go whackjob on journalist’s property. (Or do insurance companies have ways of protecting themselves when vandalism is done under cover of “law enforcement”?)

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