But you will come to a place where the only thing you feel
Are loaded guns in your face
And you have to deal with pressure!

Rough day. I’ve been applying and interviewing all over the place — and while people may be hiring, they are making applicants jump through a LOT of hoops, which is no fun. And then I find out that the place where my son’s worked for 10 years is closing. So not only is he getting booted out of his apartment, he won’t have anywhere near enough money to get another one – and he was already sharing with two other people.

And I feel really, really bad that I’m not in a position to help him. I suppose he’ll figure something out eventually, but still, I’m feeling pretty bad about this. In addition, I’m running out of money myself and I wonder if I’m ever going to get another job. Sigh…

9 thoughts on “Pressure

  1. my heart goes out to you, you must have despaired in the silence, upon your post (the one I’m responding to). I’m sure it struck a chord with many who read here, who are in the same waters, despite that painful, frightening silence.

    It didn’t fall on deaf ears sweetheart. May the good, yet with human faults (which we smile at, in better times), survive.

  2. I’m listening to Errol Garner (in analog), who is from your home state (just in case you didn’t know, which I doubt) whose music has given me hope, every time I listen to it, for almost thirty years now. Wishing the very best, for you and your kid.

  3. (just to qualify, I am not, at all, referring to the word hope as in the way the rat scoundrel Obama has used it. just saying, Hawaii, and a first white female grandma banker, is not, never has been: Pittsburgh, PA, nor Philadelphia, PA, ….for starters ….)

  4. actually, it’s been almost forty three years now (I am so traumatized about whether to bother getting a job, or prepare to live under a bridge somwhere, that my counting ability, which used to be better than many person’s, continually is held hostage by the more important fact that numbers, as they are being used, manipulated now, can be deadly, life is more important) for whatever that is worth

  5. lastly, as I am just as loudmouthed as all the rest of us: isn’t the facebook and twitter thing a burden? Everyone who cares about you, reads here. It strikes me as insanity that voices on the internet feel forced to have three or more podiums, two of them being overseen by Bankers (Facebook and Twitter).

  6. ugh, that was ugly, on my part. The likelyhood, is that everyone that truly cares the most about you, are those you’ve known, and met, in person.

  7. if it was directed at me, that’s an odd response “Ten Bears” (if not, I apologize). I made my post thinking you might be one of the good persons on the internet, though, yeah, I qualified that those who care about Susie the most, are likely not her internet ‘fans.’

  8. to clarify, they are those who know Susie well from a very personal connection which can never be replaced by techie toys: WIFI dialup broadband DSL …etc. …they know her up front and in person. I can’t imagine how anyone could be offended by someone suggesting that those: up front, in person experiences, are far more relevant than contact from a very far distance by those who didn’t feel obliged to respond to her above post initially.

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