Julian Assange

British court rules that he will be extradited to Sweden, who of course will ping-pong him back to the United States – which has its own vindictive payback planned. There’s a long shot that it won’t happen:

Today a British court ruled that wraithlike WikiLeaks editor and catastrophically unpopular memoirist Julian Assange will indeed be extradited to Sweden, where he had been charged with rape and sexual assault. However, in something of a victory for Team Assange (Non-Hacking League), the court also allowed his lawyers an extra two weeks to “to consider whether to challenge a central point of the judgment on the correct interpretation of international treaties,” according to The Guardian. Sounds like the best two weeks ever!

This deportation postponement is something of another chance for Assange to steer clear of Sweden. The New York Times reports: “In granting that request, the court effectively opened, at least for now, a fresh opportunity for Mr. Assange to delay—and what legal experts said was a narrow and improbable chance to avoid—his forcible removal to Sweden.”

5 thoughts on “Julian Assange

  1. There has been substantial pressure on the Swedes to turn him over to us. It is widely seen as a done deal.

  2. and yet, even if you’re right under swedish law, doesn’t assange have the right to challenge extradition (just as he’s doing in the UK?)

    also, why isn’t the u.s. just having him extradited directly to the u.s. from the UK? the british government is much closer to the powers that be in the u.s. than the swedish government is. if this is all a way to get him to the u.s., why even bother with sweden at all?

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