2 thoughts on “Hard times

  1. The Reverend Ike once pointed out the obvious when he said that, “The best way to help poor people is NOT be one of them.” People with good paying jobs are generally not poor. In the past 27 months millions of workers found jobs. Obama has repeated over and over again that Congress needs to pass jobs legislation. Like an infrastructure spending bill. Or a transportation bill. Taken together these two bills would have put a million more people back to work. Yet the Republican (1%) House has passed nothing; while the corporations sit on $3 trillion dollars in uninvested profits. For those with ears Obama has been talking about helping the poor for years.

  2. Yes. ‘talking’ about it. Talked about recovery and then asked for a third of what was needed. Talked about health care reform then asked for a another handout bill to insurance companies. Talked about ‘helping’ homeowners then gave trillions to the banks foreclosing on homeowners. Talked about civil rights and then finished the job of tearing up the constitution. Oh, he’s not alone in betraying Americans who believed his talk of change. Corporate owned democrats in Congress insured that the knife in the back went deep. The only difference in politics anymore is the rhetoric. One wing of the Corporate mob brags about how they’re going to fuck you and then fucks you. The other wing talks about how they’re going to change things and make it better . . . and then fucks you.

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