Why I can’t stand Donna Brazile

Have you ever heard anything so typical of the Villagers?

As for John Edwards, he should seek redemption, not re-election. He should find some way to be of service without getting publicity for it – running a legal assistance program or a charity; teaching in a public school in a low-income community; becoming a social worker or a youth counselor. He shouldn’t do interviews; he shouldn’t give speeches; and he should never – ever – run for public office again. His model should be Chuck Colson, not Richard Nixon.

Yeah, Chuck’s the right role model. He used his alleged born-again experience to simply shift his bare-knuckles political style to manipulating the fundamentalist base for profit. But it “looked” good to people who didn’t know, and really, appearance is the ultimate Village value.

Edwards borrowed (without attribution) Jesse Jackson’s famous line: “God isn’t finished with me yet.” He is more likely to hear God’s voice in church or when he is walking alone or with his family than when he is performing in public.

First of all, that isn’t even what Edwards said, so Donna’s unChristian little dig is inaccurate. He said, “I don’t think God’s through with me.” Second, who the hell is Donna Brazile to decide anything for anyone? What typical Beltway arrogance. In case she forgets, this was exactly the attitude the Village displayed toward Bill Clinton: Too low-class, too Southern, Not People Like Us. Fuck her.

And one other thing: I was never a huge fan or a personal friend of John Edwards. But I do think it is time to stop casting stones at him. He did some things that were very wrong. But so might many of us when faced with the temptations of celebrity. If he stays out of the spotlight, we should leave him and his family alone.

So if he doesn’t stay out of the spotlight, he’s asking for it – from people like Donna Brazile. Give me a break.

5 thoughts on “Why I can’t stand Donna Brazile

  1. Let me make this REALLY simple: I left my wife when she was dying of colorectal cancer back in 1998 because she THOUGHT I was fucking around (I was teaching at the time, had connections with students, other teachers, and parents) . I couldn’t stand the consistent accusations and said to myself that if she’s leaving this world, I’m not willing to be the “low-down motherfucker” she thinks I am and go to glory with her. Not yet, I said to myself.

    I’ve always liked John Edwards, and I’d like to know who among us doesn’t live in a glass house? Raise your hand if you have been a king with clothes…………(LOL)

  2. ….and, BTW, Brazille has shown herself to be another reason V.P. Al Gore didn’t win in 2000: she fits in well as a Sunday morning talker, but the term ‘strategist’ is totally ill-conceived—-she has none!

  3. What do you expect from Donna Brazile? She is a political operative. That’s her job. She’s not a philosopher.

  4. Well, you’re right Nancy, she isn’t a philospher, so she oughta stop trying to be one.

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