Pennsylvania, land of giants

How many other states can brag about such bipartisan corruption?

They used to share a gavel. Now, apparently, they’re sharing a jail cell.

John Perzel, a Republican from Philadelphia and Bill Deweese, a Democrat from Greene, share the distinction of both having served as Speaker of the Pennsylvania State House.

They also became convicted felons within a month of each other after separate convictions on corruption charges. Now they’re both at Camp Hill state prison, and according to the website PoliticsPA, they’re sharing the same cell.

A spokesman at the prison confirmed to ABC News that Perzel and Deweese are both at the prison and on the same cellblock, but said the Department of Corrections does not release information about which particular cells inmate inhabits.

Democratic Rep. Ronald Waters, who serves in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and worked with both Perzel and Deweese prior to their convictions, commented that “to the best of our knowledge, it seems to be true.”

Waters said he first learned of the situation via a conversation with Secretary of Corrections John Wetzel, who tentatively confirmed the rumors. “It’s truly a coincidence,” Waters said.  ”They’ll probably have some time to spend there together, and who knows where they’re going to go after they leave there.”

Perzel pled guilty last August to eight criminal counts, including theft, conspiracy and conflict of interest, after heading a scheme to use taxpayer-paid computer programs to win political campaigns, according to the Associated Press. Deweese was convicted of five counts in his own corruption case in February, including conflict of interest and conspiracy as well as three counts of theft stemming from charges that his state-paid staff performed campaign work, a scandal the Pennsylvania press dubbed “Bonusgate.”

3 thoughts on “Pennsylvania, land of giants

  1. Try Louisiana. It looks like the Keystone state is about to get the full 1% Romney treatment. Everybody better buy a case of Malox and some earplugs.

  2. Better cover your eyes too, Im. I’m about to toss my lunch reading about these thieves and liars….

  3. “How many other states can brag about such bipartisan corruption?”

    Well, Illinois for one. At leas three governors have ended up in prison. And then there’s this:

    “Favorable legislation flows to private clients of House Speaker Madigan”,0,824489,full.story

    This is the politics Barack Obama learned–make backroom deals and collect the money.

    Carolyn Kay

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