White people gone wild

And the Philadelphia newspaper didn’t even report it. I wonder why! Their comments section is full of readers who commonly refer to black people as “animals,” so this might add some balance:

CAMDEN – June 4, 2012 (WPVI) — They’re still feeling the fallout in Camden in the wake of Saturday night’s fight-filled concert event with more than 100 people injured and nearly 200 people arrested.

It started even before many of the concert goers arrived to the Susquehanna Bank Center.

Video captured two young women fighting on a NJ Transit train on the way to the WXTU Anniversary Concert.

More than 25,000 country music fans converged on at the arena in Camden. One of them, Christie Bellis, found chaos when she got there.

“There were two guys down semi-unconscious on the ground. Then I found my friends and there was a guy bleeding on a chair from his eyebrow and his jaw was cracked. I started to help treat him,” Bellis said.

Witnesses say fights broke out everywhere, leaving pools of blood on the ground and on the tailgate of a pickup truck.

Emergency Medical Technicians treated 163 people for various injuries. At least a dozen were rushed to area hospitals.

“Broken bones, we had bruises, scrapes, a couple of them did have a little more severe injuries,” Dr. Rick Hong of the Cooper University Medical Center said.

Police arrested 191 people.

But, witnesses say the police didn’t do much to break up the fights.

Last year, a Camden officer was stabbed in the chest while breaking up a fight at this concert.

4 thoughts on “White people gone wild

  1. “25,000 country music fans…” Well behaved sons of the South ain’t they? Pickup trucks, guns, and Bibles are all the rage with these red, white and blue patriotic American shitkickers. Are there any stereotypes missing?

  2. Yeah, Im, one thing is missing: The Confederate flag hanging in the rear window about rounds it out.

  3. No big deal, the trogs are meant to attack each other, that’s why the cops did nothing. If they had threatened the 1% they would have been gunned down in the street.

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