I’d just like to say how strangely different my life is since I’ve been on the medication. Mostly, I feel that I have more hours in my day. When I wake up, I feel awake. I can concentrate on things. I actually plan several things for one day now, and it’s not a big deal. So hopefully I’ll have a job soon with medical coverage and can continue along this strange new path.

2 thoughts on “Thyroidland

  1. And I’m experiencing heavy, lethargic fatigue again. Sometimes my eyes start closing while reading on the computer, or, like yesterday, after doing some efficient, real cleaning and household chores, I was so tired I could hardly carry the garbage out for pickup today. I just wanted to get in bed and get to sleep.

    Slept almost 12 hours.

    So, the ever so slight cut in my thyroid hormone –14%– is having a big effect on me — OR something is! That’s one of the problems in dealing with low energy/fatigue: so very many things in the environment, diet, body can affect it. Could the pain pills I take when I’m really in pain be causing this? I have no idea.

    Seeing endo soon.

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