Yeah, right

I’ll believe it when I see it happen. Unfortunately, lobbyists only need to buy off a couple of Democratic Senators to preserve this crazy, dysfunctional system:

A frustrated Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) on Thursday said he will likely push for changes to filibuster rules if the Democrats retain control of the upper chamber next year.

“I’ll just bet you … if we maintain a majority, and I feel quite confident that we can do that, and the president is reelected, there is going to be some changes,” Reid said on the Senate floor. “We can no longer go through this, every bill, filibusters [even] on bills that they agree with. It’s just a waste of time to prevent us from getting things done.”

It remains unclear, however, if Reid would have the votes to change the Senate’s rules, which would require a simple majority vote at the start of the new Congress. Should Democrats retain control of the Senate, they will likely have a razor-thin majority in 2013. Only one or two defections could lead to defeat of the motion, as all Republicans are united against such a change in rules.

We’re not supposed to understand the game, so the players still pretend outrage. Bah.

2 thoughts on “Yeah, right

  1. “as all Republicans are united against such a change in rules”

    unless of course Republicans take 51 Senate seats this year…

  2. Just what I’ve been thinking, darms — If the Repubs take the Senate and the numbers are close, plus they have their Corporate RepubBot in office, they will surely amend the filibuster rules to their advantage.

    They will begin to act the Scott Walker and the rest of the rightwing conservoRepug governors: Use the power to the ultimate while they have it. They could do a hell of a lot in two years with Congressional majorities, a Repub prez, and no filibuster in the Senate.

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