Trying to talk to Mikey Fitzpatrick

Is it just here, or is it standard that congress members will only talk to constituents at paid events now? Because Mike Fitzpatrick (R-8) always makes time for Big Pharma lobbyists:

LANGHORNE-In yet another event demonstrating the growing outrage among Americans who are tired of Congress serving wealthy donors instead of regular people, constituents protested Monday evening outside a Congressman Fitzpatrick fundraiser at Sandy’s Beef and Ale in Langhorne.

Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick has recently come under fire for introducing legislation that directly helps his donors. The group of protestors criticized Congressman Fitzpatrick for recently introducing legislation to lift the cap on reverse mortgage lending after attending a lavish fundraiser in Key Largo where he received thousands in campaign contributions from the mortgage lending industry. Congressman Fitzpatrick also made headlines for his attempts to change tariff laws for another of his donors, American Color Manufacturing.

The protesters called attention to Congressman Fitzpatrick’s gifts for his donors with signs saying, “Where’s our Pork” and “We Came Here for Beef and Ale, Not Pork and Earmarks.”

“I take issue with the ‘pay to play’ nature of what Congressman Fitzpatrick is doing. I think he should help all of his constituents and local businesses, not just the ones who can afford to give him big campaign donations,” said Anthony Valiante of Levittown. “I’m facing a huge amount of student debt and an uncertain job market. I want to know that my congressman is going to fight to make our economy better, even if I cannot afford to write him a big check.”

Constituent Ginny Hoffman of Levittown said it’s time that elected officials get their priorities straight and help people who actually need it. Hoffman attempted to ask Congressman Fitzpatrick about his recent legislation benefiting his donors.

“When I open the newspaper I see that he is giving out a lot of pork to his donors instead of helping middle class people. I tried to tell him to help us, the people that are losing our homes and our jobs, instead of his wealthy donors. But I was blocked by his staff before I could ask my question,” she said.

In addition to introducing earmarks and special legislation to help his donors, Congressman Fitzpatrick voted twice for the Republican Budget proposal also know as the Ryan Budget, which would give millionaires and corporations $3 trillion in tax breaks. Many of Congressman Fitzpatrick’s big donors like GE, Comcast, Verizon and Bank of America receive massive tax breaks or pay no federal income taxes at all due to loopholes made even larger by the Republican budget proposal.

Members of the 99% protested Rep. Fitzpatrick’s massive tax giveaways to the rich at a time when Congress is threatening severe cuts to everything from healthcare for seniors to affordable loans for college students. They plan to hold more demonstrations throughout the summer calling on Pennsylvania politicians to oppose policies that shortchange the 99% to benefit corporations and the super-wealthy.

Hoffman added, “While Congressman Fitzpatrick is doing special favors for mortgage lenders and corporations, the 99% are still waiting for their earmarks and pork.”

2 thoughts on “Trying to talk to Mikey Fitzpatrick

  1. Isn’t it amazing how taking bribes has become business as usual; apparently because IOKIYR.

  2. Being a human institution, politics, like religion, is tragically flawed no matter what ideology we use. People are basically not very good at morality, regulating themselves or wielding power in a just way. Even the Supreme Court is riddled with scandal. Democracy is no different from Communism (or Fascism) in that the powerful tend to live “differently” or by “other rules” than the rest of us. In countries that have socialistic systems this behavior is not as bad but it’s still there.

    We, as a species, haven’t learned from our “vast” knowledge or our mistakes – and now we’ve gone and ruined the entire planet so that there isn’t going to be a “future” for very long. Our shenanigans, though “fun” used up all the resources, we’ve over-populated ourselves into a corner and polluted the very “fishbowl” we rely on for air, food and esthetic value. Compare nature to mankind and we’re a cancer in the garden of Eden. Everywhere mankind is present there is stink, rot and damage. We’re a blight and can’t even take care of ourselves.

    Our political leaders are useless, our basic instincts for selfishness and lack of empathy – we’re cold hearted, meanspirited and self-destructive – are killing us and damaging the planet and all its inhabitants. We’re unsustainable.

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