Life from the margins

So I’m sitting here while watching Jamie Dimon do his ritual apology in front of the Senate Banking Committee, and I have a tea towel tied around my head to hold the ice bag. I woke up with a throbbing headache, something I don’t normally get, and I’m pretty cranky about it. I’ve also had a stiff neck for three days, and while I do have some muscle relaxers, I can’t take them now because I’ll be useless for the rest of the day. (Thought: Why does Sen. Richard Shelby dye what little is left of his hair? It looks like he uses brown shoe polish. Is it because he’s convinced it makes him look younger to the lobbyist-supplied hookers? You don’t see Jamie Fucking Dimon dying his gray hair. The man may be a crook but he’s a confident one!)

Richard Shelby may be the Senate’s worst speaker, and that’s saying something. No, I take that back. Tim Johnson is even worse.

As the hearing started, a group of foreclosure protesters confronted Dimon, telling him to “face the people you foreclosed upon.” It sounded like some of the Very Important People in the room were laughing at them. Well, why wouldn’t they? No one’s going to steal their houses, or take their jobs.

This morning I found out I didn’t get one of the jobs for which I was interviewing. I didn’t think I would, and didn’t want to work there, anyway. But I need a job, and really soon. It’s all I think about, really. (That might have something to do with the neck.) I’m so worried.

I’m also trying to figure out if the yogurt I ate for dinner gave me the headache. It’s the sinus-y kind, where the entire upper half of my face and the top of my head hurts – hence, the ice pack on the head.

This is not a good day, and this is not a good country anymore. I have to figure out how to swim through it all.

UPDATE: Just to top thing off, just got a $100 ticket in the mail from one of the city’s red-light cameras. I feel like Job.

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  1. “Richard Shelby may be the Senate’s worst speaker, and that’s saying something. No, I take that back. Tim Johnson is even worse.”

    Just FYI, you may not know or remember but Sen. Tim Johnson had a stroke and brain surgery about 5 years ago. I’ve met him and he’s not very hard to understand but his speech is still clearly affected.

  2. Just out of curiosity, could your headache have anything to do with your thyroid medication? I haven’t checked the side effects but I always recommend that people read the package inserts thoroughly. I rarely get headaches but when I do, they are almost always related to medication for me. Most of the time, it’s coming off of a med that gives me a headache. It’s usually transitory and limited but it never hurts to read all package material.

  3. Susie, have you tried a lavender neck wrap? you nuke it for about 1&1/2 minutes and then apply. It really helps me and smells good, too. Also, they’re cheap between 10-40.

    Hope you feel better.

  4. Sorry about all the pains and worries, Susie. Believe me, I understand.

    Your remark about Shelby dyeing his hair reminded me of Dave Barry, who thought Strom Thurmond dyed his hair with Tang instant breakfast drink.

  5. I dye my hair with Colgate flouridated toothpaste.
    (Or maybe that’s fluoridated?)
    It makes me look very distinguished, and prevents cranial cavities.
    I love their jingle: Brush your hair with Colgate’s.

    You won’t find Richard Shelby wasting $400 on fancy haircuts and tints, when there’s Shinola to be had. He’s a true man of the people. I do hope that he remembers the difference between shit and Shinola.

    BTW, does anyone know who was the first prominent US politician to dye his hair?
    Maybe St. Ronnie?

  6. Regarding waking up with headaches: do you sleep on your side with one arm raised above your head? Many people do, and this can cause very severe and hard to get rid of headaches. It is caused by constricting the “headache muscle” as the massage therapist who cured my repeating headaches called it. The cure for the headache is massage. The cure for the problem generally is to not sleep like that. I’ve run into this with other people after I had the problem and, when I old them about it, they followed my advice and the headaches went away.

  7. Nope, I don’t sleep like that. Useful info, though. I don’t normally wake up with headaches, that’s why they’re so distracting. I would be a terrible torture subject, I would just make up shit to get them to stop hurting me.

  8. FL defense against red light camera tickets has 1 asking state to prove who exactly drove your car when pic taken. Since your son or others presumably borrow your car from time to time, could prove an effective defense.

    Also laws in most states require driving in safe and responsible manner and if safer to go through light as turning red, that is lawful.

    Plus, Wash Post had article years ago of malfunctioning cam that no one challenged for years.

    THE Star Trek episode where Spock beats computer in 3d chess: everyone has right to confront accusers in a criminal trial and yours basically a computer, and software, and camera with specific angle. File for discovery and ask for documents of all 3.

    State will either let you off or crucify you as an example. In latter case, we start Suze paypal defense fund.

    Insert inappropriate Zimmerman joke here.

  9. really weird susie – i woke up on monday with the stiff neck/shoulder thing and have had a migraine since then too. just having to push through it all because i have that gig this weekend, but it’s been hellish.

  10. My chiro took care of the stiff neck this afternoon – also my carpal tunnel. What a relief! And I used some Dr. Pepper and a chocolate bar to blast away the sinus headache.

  11. “…I used some Dr. Pepper and a chocolate bar to blast away the sinus headache.”

    this Philly folk medicine, Polish-American folk medicine, or both?

  12. Caffeine helps with most headaches. (That’s why it’s in Excedrin.) Soda is a faster delivery system because of the carbonation, and chocolate was the slower dose. Worked like a charm!

  13. So very sad to read of your situation Susie, the situation of so many of us in this country. Robert Oak/ recently posted an excellent piece, regarding the lies surrounding the ghastly US search for Jobs, titled: Automated Job Rejection ( ). The piece focuses on an expose of the unqualified US worker myth which was written by a Wharton Business School Professor, Peter Cappelli. There are a number of good links in the piece. (There are always worthwhile reads there and great links on the sidebars of the site.)

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