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  1. It’s a lot more than food for thought. If they had that kind of proof for the existence of the Higgs boson, it would be a known particle by now.

    From the article:

    “Charnin looked at 300 presidential state exit polls from 1988 to 2008, 15 state elections would be expected to fall outside the margin of error. Shockingly, 137 of the 300 state presidential exit polls fell outside the margin of error. … only five times, less than expected, did the extra votes fall in the direction of the Democratic Party. … 132 of the elections fell outside the margin in favor of the GOP. We would expect eight.

    “…what are the odds? According to Charnin, of 132 out of 300 state presidential elections exceeding the margin of error in the direction of the Republicans – one in 600 trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion.”

    In scientific circles, that’s proof. Those are the kind of odds you have for the Theories of gravity and evolution.

    Now there’s that 7%, statistically improbable, edge for Walker.

    Our elections are being rigged. No question about it. The only remaining questions are who’s doing it and how.

  2. I’ve got another remaining question. Why in the name of pink jesus don’t people care or do something about this? I guess the answer is propaganda and, what, the general stupidity of everyone?

    One thing though, maybe it’s time to put all those memes to rest where folks like us deplore those people in Kansas who don’t vote their interests.

  3. “Corporations run the country,” somebody said here the other day. Let’s put a finer point on that. CEO billionaires like Jamie Dimon and Sheldon Adelson run the country. We no longer live in a republic. We live in an oligarchy run by wealthy plutocrtas (1%). Many of them, like Romney, are vampire equity venture Capitalists. If 7% of those polled in the exit poll said that they were Obama supporters. And Walker won by 7%. What are the odds? Of course the recall was rigged. Rancid Prebius got to show his stuff to the plutocrats.

  4. Speaking as someone who’s lived in Kansas for too many years… I’ll pipe up here to say that I think at least some of our elections have been stolen. Having never seen any exit poll data, I can’t prove it. But, I don’t know anyone as nutty as our politicians.

  5. All of our political processes boil down to this:
    We are not a democracy.
    One-person-one-vote is inoperative.
    Elections are consistently stolen by the right-wing.

    Bush-Cheney never won a presidential election, yet got to mismanage the country for 8 years.
    Despite his huge monetary advantage, Scott Walker was duly recalled, yet was given a second life through election fraud.

    No Matter what happens between now and then, Romney will be “elected” in November.

    The Democrats are spineless idiots for letting this stuff happen over and over again.

  6. Smaller precints are needed, with people watching people count the paper ballots.

    Elections are too important to be counted in “black boxes.”

    Yes, paper ballots.

    Wow. This is disturbing statistical eveidence. I don’t now stats well enough to evalute, but, damn.

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