Scaredy cat Mittens

From Working Families:

QUAKERTOWN- Mitt Romney disappointed hundreds of supporters and protesters Saturday by canceling a scheduled campaign stop at a WaWa in Quakertown. After getting wind that his “Every Town Counts” bus tour would be met with a large group of protesters, Romney snuck off to a nearby WaWa to conduct a photo-op and avoid the dissenting crowd waiting for him.

“Mitt Romney is clearly afraid of the 99% and doesn’t want to face anyone who doesn’t agree with him. He is out of touch with the majority of Americans and clearly will go to great lengths to avoid dealing with regular people,” said Earl Williams of Bristol. “I wish Mitt had come today. We could have shown him that middle class and poor do not need to be feared and avoided.”

To avoid the dozens of protesters Romney left many of his own supporters waiting in the sun for two hours in front of the microphone and podium set up for his anticipated speech.

Prior to Romney’s cancelation, unemployed and outsourced workers gathered to speak out against the “Romney economy for the 1 percent.”
“The good jobs that my generation and my parents’ generation were able to raise families on no longer exist. People like Mitt Romney decided to send these jobs overseas to increase their company’s bottom line,” said Bill Rittler of Levittown in front of the crowd of Romney protesters.

Steve Nathan of Sellersville spoke about being unemployed for the last two years. “I’ve been out of work for a while and I cannot imagine how bad things would get if Mitt Romney’s vision for the economy came true. We would all be working minimum wage jobs while Mitt and his cronies pay less in taxes than we do.”

4 thoughts on “Scaredy cat Mittens

  1. Not surprisingly Romney isn’t on the bus. There a several buses that are pre-staged at locations where Romney meets them. He flies in on an airplane, meets a bus and seldom clocks more than 50 road miles on any trip. At least McCain actually rode on the bus from stop to stop.

  2. Romney is a fraud and a swindler, a “privileged” 1%er and a man with no empathy for anyone else’s plight. Romney is a Mormon who believes his underpants are magic and who the hell knows what else (probably that he can have more than one wife); he’s robot-like in his responses and delivery during campaign stops, revealing that he’s devoid of emotions and will undoubtedly make our lives even more miserable; and is so busy getting one of his many homes upgraded with an elevator for his cars and deteriorating the entire development in which it’s located (to the complaints of his neighbors), that he won’t be too concerned with anyone else’s problems. He’s a solid corporatist.

    Obama is a lying sack of shit dictator-wanna-be (who will probably have my house bombed by a drone here in the U.S. for this comment) and isn’t doing anything to help the environment or the 99% find meaningful jobs, while trying to make everyone pay for meaningless, overpriced health insurance, or ending the wars. His give-away to the banksters, the mortgage industry and Wall Street aren’t doing anything to help the economy, improve our collective standard of living or helping us avoid extinction.

    Go ahead, pick one in November. They’re both Republican by affiliation or deed. Either way YOU (actually, WE) LOSE and the corporate agenda will proceed full speed ahead.

  3. Gee Tom, tell us how you really feel why don’tcha? Let’s say that you’re 100% correct about everything you’ve said. Here’s a question. Who are you voting for in November? If you say that you’re not voting or you’re voting for a third party candidate rest assured that a drone will bomb your house before the election. Think carefully before answering because your future hangs in the balance.

  4. Mitt is just another Dubya, afraid to be exposed to anyone other than pre-screened sheep and party operatives.

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