It was ever so

Gay marriage is about fundraising for the right wing, just as “that scary black president wants to take away your guns” is. They are rather blatant hypocrites, if you cared to look closely and critically. But many people of faith take everything… on faith!

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  1. People in charge always have assistants. Folks who fill in the blanks for them. AG Holder’s Legislative Assistant was (he resigned June 13) Ronald Weich. His go-to-guy when Congress asked for information. Issa’s committee wanted info about ‘Fast and Furious’. so Weich went to Lanny Breuer, the Asst. AG for the Criminal Division who oversaw Southwest border violence. Breuer told Weich that there was “no such program.” Weich informed Holder and Holder wrote a letter to Issa saying that he “knew of no such program.” Today everyone in the world knows that Lanny Breuer lied. Not only did Breuer know about Fast and Furious, but he also knew that the program was begun under Bush. The question is why Lanny Breuer, who was hired by Bill Clinton in 1997 as his Special Counsel, lied to Weich about Fast and Furious? Maybe that’s just a rhetorical question knowing how well connected Beuer and Clinton are.

  2. I was wondering how long it would take you to blame a Clinton. Tell me, is Obama really so hapless that every bad thing that happens during his administration is part of a Clintonian plot?

  3. susie, “blame?” “Plot?” “Hapless?” Try modus operandi (stupidity) and wrestling with the devil. Is it really necessary to explain how “old” power (Clinton) and “new” power (Obama) is exercised in the real world? Weich was Ted Kennedy’s man. At least Weich had the decency to resign. —–jawbone, make no mistake about it Lanny Breuer is at the root of the misinformation that was passed up the chain-of-command. He knew all about Fast & Furious. Did he think his lie would eventually sink Holder and smear Obama? Probably not. But like every other Clintonite he deals from the bottom of the deck every time it involves politics. In other words he, like the rest of them, is a lying sack of crap.

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