One thought on “Forced sterilization

  1. Oh. This is so awful on so many levels.

    Actually I am glad the legislature refused compensation. firstly because Impossible Exchange can be invoked here. Sterilization cannot be compensated. There is only ONE body which has been violated, so since there is only ONE, no exchange is possible; hence, Impossible Exchange.

    This denial will force a class action suit. These victims will continue to enrich their “class consciousness” as the case proceeds. Any media coverage will spread “eugenics” coupled with Hitler, Fascism, Nazi techniques, and this is a good thing. Insurance companies use the same method of denying smaller amounts of compensation as a matter of course, knowing that few will sue them and get more. The few that do and collect cost far less than the millions of smaller payments.

    Besides the state legislature is only concerned with the next election. This will offer lots of pro and con debate, energize the far right’s prejudices, and be good fodder for an election. This issue will be ongoing as it should be.

    And I think of how many women are doing this to themselves with the “pill”. Voluntary sterilization. then in middle age when they change their minds and have difficulty conceiving they must go to expensive extremes to conceive and successfully deliver their very own baby with their very own genetic pool of DNA. Is this not madness.

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