One less bell to answer

My friend and I were stuck in southbound Beltway traffic — which, if you’ve ever driven to D.C., you know how bad it can be. It was a hot summer evening, and we’d already been sitting still for a half-hour, and to amuse ourselves, we were singing along to music. “You know what I have?” I said.

“No, what?”

“5th Dimension’s Greatest Hits!” (We shared a mutual love of Seventies pop. He even liked Barry Manilow – and not in an ironic way, either.)

I turned the volume all the way up and C. and I jumped out of the car, dancing and lip-syncing to “The Age of Aquarius”, “Sweet Blindness” and everything else. Then, as the traffic finally started to move, we got back in the car and turned the volume down.

If only life had more moments like that.

3 thoughts on “One less bell to answer

  1. Too bad you didn’t also have The Best of the Mamas and Papas, and (for a bit of levity) The Best of the Monkeys…. You’d be set for morning and evening rush hour….

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