2 thoughts on “The mandates we love

  1. Does anyone in their right mind actually believe that all those employers now covering that 80% of Americans who have health insurance are going to continue doing that after today? Why should they? Once any employer stops buying health insurance for his/her employees, said employees will be “taxed” into the “individual mandate” pool. Saves the company lots of money and guarantees big profits to the health care industry. That’s how Capitalism works folks. As for social security it’s NOT a for-profit system. In the long-run and if you live long enough you’ll get more money out than you paid in. That’s called positive Return on Investment through compound interest.

  2. T/U, Imhotep, for pointing out SocSec is not a for-profit private insurance or pension plan. Sheesh, Jon P — who at least admits comparing taxes for SS or Medicare are not “perfect” analogies.

    Uh, d’oh, Joh.

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