Dark cloud on a sunny day

BTD says Roberts’ decision is an undermining of the commerce claus:

There is no satisfying response, but there is an obvious one—the Roberts five seek to dismantle the New Deal jurisprudence. With no need to even opine on the Commerce and Necessary and Proper question, Chief Justice Roberts has written an unfathomable opinion whose motive can only be the laying of groundwork—the groundwork to undo the New Deal.

Now, more than ever, we see the Roberts five agenda. We must reelect President Obama in order to stop it.

I don’t think there’s any question that’s been their intent all along, nor it is something that hasn’t occurred to most of us. To stop it is, quite literally, the only reason I’d vote for Barack Obama. But it’s an important one.

4 thoughts on “Dark cloud on a sunny day

  1. Why any American making less than $1 million dollars a year would vote for any Republican for any office for any reason is mind-boggling. Simply mind-boggling.

  2. You know I always lurk around your site, Suze, and I believe you also know I have not been an ardent Obamabot—quite the opposite, in fact. I’d just like to mention—in real life terms—what the ACA has done already for my wife and I. Having retired in 2003—she in 2000—we both have consistently been on ‘maintenance meds’ for non-life threatening issues that cost an arm and a leg prior to 2010.

    Between the two of us we had precsription drug costs that exceeded $500.00 monthly.Since 2010 most of those cost have been entirely eliminated. Now we pay close to $50.00 per month and don’t have to decide between food or meds—-we can have both. So, yeah, you’re damn right I’ll vote for Obama in November because now with the Supreme’s validation the door to reform is wide open. Keep pushing Obama, but please don’t let Romney take over!

  3. Democrats led the “Trail of Tears” forced march of the Cherokee nation in the early 1800’s. Democrats supported slavery in the mid-1800’s. Democrats suppressed the black vote in the early 1900’s. Democrats implemented Jim Crow laws in the mid-1900’s.

    The Democratic record on human rights is abysmal. If you include their concept of property rights, the story just gets worse. Property rights are pretty essential; after all, freedom of speech is pretty tough if you must speak out against the one who controls your food supply. Free markets are merely the economic side of free expression.

    And so, although my income is very much middle-class, I go with Republicans, Libertarians, etc. – almost anything except a Democrat.

    In fact, if the Republicans ran Al Capone, the Libertarians ran John Dillinger, and the Democrats ran FDR or JFK on the current rotten Democratic platform, I would write in a name on my ballot.

  4. Let me guess, MKS: You’re a Southern white male, probably with a job in IT. You watch Beck, you listen to Rush, Savage and their local clones. And now you want to come here and educate us about history when you’re probably living in a state that teaches children that Jesus rode dinosaurs. Please, spare us.

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