We never got the rain last night. Once again, it passed north of here, and I’m a little frustrated by the whole thing. It seems there’s an almost primitive longing for the catharsis of a storm after this kind of heat wave, even though I should feel lucky. After all, there was lots of damage from this storm, with many trees and power lines downed.

But still.

2 thoughts on “Weird

  1. You probably know that my brother chases storms. I think it’s fairly common for the storms to skirt Philly and move out to the NJ coastline.

    Still, we REALLY need the rain.

  2. If you think it’s bad here, the farmers in the midwest are losing their corn crop and prices will be higher for food this fall. Too bad our “leaders” didn’t do something about this when they had the chance. Now we’re gonna suffer for the foreseeable future with droughts, heat waves, intense storms, and flooding because we’re so ignorant that we don’t heed warning signs and think we can command nature to do our bidding. We had nearly no winter here last year but this year it could be snowmaggedon again – it’s all unpredictable now that we’ve dumped all this CO2 (and now methane) into the atmosphere.

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