2 thoughts on “Civil liberties

  1. All summer I have been reading about the great European people’s uprisings: the French Revolution of 1789, the “Spring of Europe” in 1848 and the Paris Commune of 1871. All of them were put down when the “petite bourgeois” got scared of too much change and the armed forces remained loyal to the establishment.

    It has become more an more clear to me that all this anti-terrorist technology is not meant to defend against outside threats. It is to quickly isolate and put down domestic organization and disturbances before they become uprisings. The nationwide crackdown on Occupy last fall was just a trial run of the system.

    I am glad I am old and will not live very many more years under this regime. I only wonder what they will do with the people they arrest with the prisons already being full to overflowing?

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