Everything I have is either trash-picked or bought used – even my TV. The only new things I have are a couple of IKEA shelves and my mattress.

I actually prefer buying used stuff. I like things to be broken in when I get them, and I can afford better quality things if I buy them used. I have some friends who think buying someone else’s stuff is quite disgusting. I tell them to me, paying full price for crappy plastic things is disgusting.

What’s your preference?

7 thoughts on “Recycling

  1. I concur. Not to mention, buying used and local is almost certain to help someone in the local economy rather than a transnational corporation that sucks all the money up to the 1 percent. Most products from about 1950 have stood the test of time. They made bad stuff before then, but it’s already been junked.

  2. I mix and match depending on what I need. I have had the same sofa for 20 years. My sister o picked it up at a salvage sale at on old movie theater that was being razed. She used it ten years before me. I just recover it every once in a while.
    When I was a kid, my mother found junk furniture treasures and was always armed with paint or stain. Her faux gold gilt phase was pretty disturbing, however…

  3. Clothes I buy new, cause there’s never anything I can use at Goodwill and the only consignment shops are 20 miles away across town and they’re almost entirely women’s wear. Other than that I’ve only bought two major things new in the past five years; an HDTV on sale after Xmas (nearest Craig’s List offering was 700 miles away) and a vacuum cleaner (wanted a specific model). Washer, dryer and fridge were retreads bought from a trade school. Haven’t bought a car off the showroom floor since 1972. Garage sales and Craig’s List have been good for most furniture (except mattresses). I guess I’m not a real patriot.

  4. For big-ticket items, definitely used. All three of my houses were bought used, averaging about 65 years old at the time of purchase. My last four cars were bought used. I haven’t bought a new car in 32 years.

    Otherwise, a mixture of new and used. I like to buy music used, and ditto with books and occasional clothing items. I prefer to buy personal technology, food, beverages, and toilet paper new, however.

  5. It’s all new for this cat. But it’s treated real swell so you guys can get some “like new” stuff when it’s time to buy new again. Glad to help out.

  6. Deinintely existing homes esp. prior to the big-beige-box era – when plywood was plywood not particle board. Cinder blocks and even bricks were better, too.

    I thrift all the time looking for retro stuff and have awesome collections of dinerware (Syracuse, Buffalo china, Homer Laughlin), Pyrex (older glass also better quality than now), beautiful chenille bedspreads, Fire King, cool drinking glasses, appliances and on and on.

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