4 thoughts on “Sheriff Joe

  1. Man, the Justus Department has really given up any pretense of working for the law haven’t they. Unless, of course, you’re a whistle blower exposing corruption.

  2. Sheriff Joe is a bastard. Holder couldn’t prove that the bastard committed a criminal offense. So what would you have had Holder do? Ship him off to Gitmo as a political prisoner? Let’s get real here folks. You’re all being to sound like Karl Rove clones. Stop watching so much FOX not-the-news and reading those right wing blogs.

  3. Damn I hope that there’s a punitive damages count here. Jurors hate evidence tampering and government bodies shouldn’t cover verdicts based on it. Holder’s charging decisions are so political that they don’t deserve the deference that Imho wants to urge. Our AG appears not to have ever contemplated Racketeering charges against brokerage houses that counter bet the investment advise to their clients and will never bring charges for the rate fixing on reference interest rates. Money walks on the Obama watch.

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