Church and State, episode 2: Mitt Romney and Immigration

Jesus Christ is back, and he’s pissed.

Well, not so much pissed, but troubled with Mitt Romney’s less than Christian stance on immigration. And why would He not be? Isn’t it a fact that Jesus’s parents fled Bethlehem for Egypt, after King Herod ordered the execution of all babies under the age of 2? Isn’t it true that when they returned, it wasn’t to Bethlehem, but to Nazareth?

You’d figure preachy ol’ Mitt Headroom and Paul “the Objectivist Christian” Ryan might realize that. And you would be wrong.

So without anymore ado, here’s your Heavenly Host with the Most…

H/t to April Cockerham, Employment Visa Immigration Attorney.

2 thoughts on “Church and State, episode 2: Mitt Romney and Immigration

  1. Remember Romney’s God lives on the planet Kolob. That’s who he gets his ethics from. (And his magic underware.) Romney probably has spent much time reading about what the Christ had to say.

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