Call your senator

These are the Democrats who didn’t sign that letter:

Max Baucus, Michael Bennet, Jeff Bingaman, Tom Carper, Bob Casey, Kent Conrad, Chris Coons, Dick Durbin, Dianne Feinstein, Kay Hagan, John Kerry, Amy Klobuchar, Herb Kohl, Mary Landrieu, Joe Lieberman, Claire McCaskill, Ben Nelson, Bill Nelson, Mark Pryor, Jeanne Shaheen, Jon Tester, Mark Udall, Mark Warner, Jim Webb.

If your senator’s name is on that list, call them!

2 thoughts on “Call your senator

  1. Hah. DiFi is one of my senators. Not only that, but she’s up for re-election in November. Not only will I call her, I’ll tell her she’s not getting my vote.

  2. So, Dems are split in about half, so we’re screwed, as Obama and the ConservaDems (as shown by their actions), the Corporatists, will get the R’s and pass cuts/changes/downsizing/age raising for SocSec.

    Here’s David Dayton’s take at FDL:


    I think the real tell here is this: the two Senators arguably the closest to the White House, Dick Durbin and John Kerry, did not sign this letter. That’s a bit of a tell for the level of flexibility the President wants on a grand bargain. The simple claim made in this letter is that the budget and Social Security have separate funding streams, and so changes to their programs should be considered separately. But the two biggest allies of the White House in the Senate wouldn’t even go there.


    Oh, and we should call our senators who signed, to thank them and let them know we won’t support Dems who don’t protect SocSec as we know it.

    Better yet, all Dems should work to make SS payments higher and have the rich contribute more by removing the FICA cap (that idea can be tweaked, but must be done in some form).

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