3 thoughts on “Paul Ryan booed at AARP

  1. Let’s see. The Republicans have lost the womens vote, the gay vote, the black vote, the Hispanic vote, the military vote, the youth vote, and now he’s losing the senior vote. So who still supports this goofball? Oh yeah, white, racist, men living in the South. Bet they don’t have car elevators in their homes? But, they do have those guns and Bibles to comfort them.

  2. I’d say the Thugs have nothing but arrogance and ignorance on their side. The media continues to act as if the election for the presidency may still be a toss-up, that it is still either candidates race to win or lose, and that the down ballot races haven’t been decided by a long shot. But anyone with a brain ought to know that when the former gov. of Minnesota jumps ship, the other rats will follow. Lyin’ Ryan showed up at the AARP shindig to prepare for his next life as a lobbyist, author, and Fox contributer. Who the hell does he think he’s fooling?

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