3 thoughts on “Terror

  1. Can someone answer the following questions? 1) Why are we at war with Pakistan? Over the past 4 years the US has killed 4000 Pakistanis. They can’t all be terrorists. 2) Does Obama actually approve each target? That seems pretty far fetched. 3) Why was Ambassador Stevens moved from the heavily fortified embassy in Tripoli to the consolate in Benghazi on 9-11? This move seems very odd and fairly risky. Who gave that order and why?

  2. We are not at war with Pakistan. But because American Exceptionalism(tm) must vanquish the Axis of Evil(tm) we have a “special relationship” with the Pakistani government which requires us to surveill and vaporize their men, women, children, goats, chickens etc. if we don’t approve of their activities. You effete liberals always make such a big deal out of collateral damage. C’mon, man up. Everybody makes mistakes. That never stopped Jack Bauer. It’s all virtual reality from here anyway.

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