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  1. My heart bleeds for them – not.

    Whatever lunatics came up with the idea of defined contribution pension plans should be shot (metaphorically speaking). What’s the point of getting a pension when there is no guarantee of any specific amount? That completely defeats the concept of a pension. No wonder the same fools now want to get their dirty paws on Social Security – which still guarantees a certain payout. It’s all that’s left. And Wall St. needs some more gambling money. Who cares that the rest of us no longer have enough money – even to buy the NYT?

  2. How are the NFL owners like the NYTimes owners?

    Both groups are One Percenters who want to take even small recompense and security away from their employees. Ex: NFL refs’ lockout.

    Both are willing to mess up their product for short term earnings and what they perceive as long term cost cutting.

    Screw them all.

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