Payday lending in PA

Via email:

We are in mile 26 of this marathon!  We need one final push to kill this bill.  Please call800.515.8134 today.

HB 2191, which would legalize 369% interest rates in PA, has not yet come out of committee.  That’s a good thing and it’s because of YOUR calls to your state Senators letting them know that you oppose predatory lending in PA.  Thank you!

To keep HB 2191 off the floor, we still need calls to our state Senators this week.  The AARP has graciously extended the use of the patch-through number.   All you have to do is call 800.515.8134, listen to a short explanation of the issue (good background), enter your zip so the system can find your Senator and then leave your message asking your Senator to vote NO on HB 2191.  

We are close to stopping HB 2191 and predatory lending for this legislative session but the payday loan lobbyists are working hard to defeat us.  The only chance we have to keep 369% interest rates out of PA and payday lenders out of your communities is if we let our state Senators know that we are watching this bill and that we do not want it to pass.

Here’s another great editorial opposed to HB 2191.  Please share it and 800.515.8134  with all your PA friends and family.

Lehigh Valley Opinion:

Thanks for everything you’ve done and will do to keep predatory payday lending OUT of Pennsylvania.   Your voice is the best tool we have to keep Pennsylvania’s families and our economy safe from predatory lending.

2 thoughts on “Payday lending in PA

  1. Wow! ONLY 369% interest? Such restraint shown by the PA legislators who wrote this bill!!

    I mean, why not make it, oh the same as the miles to the moon? Both are so far over the top it’s crazy. Is it mob interest rates?

  2. Oh, Susie, there’s some “kwidget” with something about ABC being mentioned in a warning on this site, that IE or Windows can’t deal with. I have to hit the yes for closing it about 10 times or so to get it to let me proceed to open a post, make a comment. When I said no, my PC froze. Win 7, IE 9.

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