Birthday food jackpot

First, one of my friends took me to breakfast at the Hinge Cafe on Saturday and I ordered oatmeal. I wasn’t expecting anything great — to me, oatmeal is a healthy food that’s okay, but no great treat. So I looked at this BIG bowl of oatmeal and thought, “I’m never going to finish all that.”

Well! This oatmeal was amazing. It tasted like a creamy bowl of Cinnabon. “This isn’t oatmeal. This is a bowl of happiness and sunshine,” I said. And I ate every last drop.

Then my brother and SIL took me out to Johnny Brenda’s, where I had Cajun fish stew with andouille sausage, and then a pumpkin tart for dessert. Fish stew is one of those things I just love, because it has all my favorites in one bowl: shrimp, clams, and potatoes in a spicy red broth. Mmm!

But wait, there’s more!

My best friend Paulette took me back to the Hinge Cafe for Sunday brunch, where I weaseled an approximation of the oatmeal recipe out of the owner. (She was reluctant, but I played the birthday card. I still think she left something out, though.) Then I had eggs Benedict with applewood smoked bacon. I just love eggs Benedict.

Last night, I had dinner with Paulette and Cos at Silk City, where I had this hand-rolled pasta with short ribs in cream sauce. We split some caramel-apple pie a la mode for dessert. Rarely have I had such a string of superb meals.

It’s funny, though; I really do have a much diminished taste for sugar now. It’ll be interesting to see how that develops.

5 thoughts on “Birthday food jackpot

  1. See? Didn’t I tell you 58 is AWESOME? Of course, yours seems a whole lot awesomer than mine, but who’s counting? lol What a fantastic story you just told. I almost feel as if I were there.

  2. It sounds like you had really good weekend, at least food-wise. It’s nice when friends take you out for food on a birthday. I have a bunch of friends who do that and it feels really super to go someplace special.

  3. She didn’t give me the recipe, she told me the ingredients. She said she cooks steel-cut oats in a frying pan, and when it’s reduced, she adds heavy cream. Also, cinnamon, nutmeg and brown sugar (she didn’t say vanilla but I think I recognized it), raisins and chopped walnuts on the side.

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