5 thoughts on “Debate

  1. One of these days—-if the SS would let me get close enough to Obama, I’d just like to smack his ass back into reality! Where’s his dick, his balls, his fucking guts, his intelligence????. WTF did he think he was doing, other than celebrating his wedding anniversary???

    My theory is this: Obama and the Democratic Party has come to realize that the country is stalled and cannot and will not move forward under his leadership. Therefore, he agrees to step down before November 6th and allow Clarabelle The Clown to run in his stead!

  2. You forgot to mention how boring it all was.

    But O’s performance was downright scary, it was so disengaged and so lacking in basic rebuttal instincts. Is he trying to throw the election?

    Rmoney’s odd smirky smile was a little scary as well.

  3. KOS said O refused to defend Social Security and now you say he agreed it needs to be cut?

    Holy crap.

    And me turning 64 in just under 4 months.

    Glad I didn’t watch, and won’t watch any of the other debates.

    The lesser evil is getting worse all the time.

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