Grand Bargain

I honestly don’t understand why people don’t believe this is coming, when Obama has told us what he plans to do again and again. In fact, I have people yell at me when I insist it’s coming. It’s as if I spat on the flag or something.

I’m not the person who needs to feel ashamed over this.

This is not a matter of “the mean Republicans are making me.” This is what he’s always wanted. He was talking about a “crisis” in Social Security before he was even elected.

12 thoughts on “Grand Bargain

  1. What motivates him is that for a while Wall St. will rocket (up), a few people will make billions, he’ll have powerful friends with gigabucks consultancies to hand out, and post-politics he’ll have his own jet and eat dinner in Paris if he feels like it.

    People don’t believe it because they don’t want to believe it. It’s scary crap to know that you’ll either vote for someone who sells you out or for someone who’ll lose.

    Me, I refuse to participate in my own destruction. I don’t care if I lose.

    But it is nasty. No question about that.

  2. quixote, you are aware that Don Quixote was insane aren’t you? People with paranoid fantasies generally don’t do all that well in real life.

  3. If you want to cut Obama off at the knees on this, or any other issue make sure that you vote a straight Democratic ticket in November. What our Congress wants to do is what gets done in this country. The president only proposes what he’d like to see happen. Which is why his proposed budget got zero (0) votes twice. Republicans are the problem. They are not the solution.

  4. This is the “progressive” left’s version of climate change denial.

    Obama has signaled that he is going to do this over and over and over. Since before his first election. It’s going to happen. He won’t deny it in clear unequivocal terms even if it means he will lose the election He will use weasel words like “slash” with big margins of denial built in. Because he knows he owns the AF/Pak mess and there will be no honor in our departure. Because his compromises, lies, and pathetic efforts at bipartisan compromise on healthcare reform turned it into much less than it could have been. Because he abandoned his base, and allowed his staff to call us fucking morons.

    The Grand Bargain is his legacy. That obviously means that he, along with everyone else in the Village, believes that the Simpsons and the bowles and the Kochs and the Petersons are going to win, and their acolytes are going to write history. He don’t need no stinking hippies.


  5. Okay Susie, we’re all over the block on the Grand Bargain, but based on silence I count six votes in favor of you spitting on the flag.

  6. Hell, Obama was talking about his desire to “fix” and change, make cuts to SocSec before he even gave his final decision to run for the Dem nomination. Note the date of the article.

    He announced he would run on February 8, 2008. He announced his Wall Street pleasing plan in November ’07, maybe earlier…to his Wall Street backers…?

    But he proceeded to neatly finesse this to make voters, esp’ly Dems, think he was an actual Democrat.

    He’s not. He ran under a flag of convenience: Running as a Dem was the only way he could be elected to high office in Chicago and IL; then, he decided to run for prez when it was clear only a Dem could win in ’08 after the mess BushBoy made.

  7. Imhotep, I’m talking about Obama. Yet you’re talking about me. Does that mean you don’t have any actual counterarguments for Obama?

  8. Obama had two years with a filibuster proof majority in the Senate and control of the House. Did nothing to the very best of his ability, which is considerable in that regard. And don’t give me the Boohoo! Blue Dogs! thing. He did zero to get them in line. Hell, he’s the one who appointed too many of them to run commissions and hearings.

    Being in denial is not a strong mark of sanity either.

  9. Unfortunately, for the great unwashed masses, the politicians have to do as they are directed by their owners. Politicians do not represent the will of the people, they represent the will of the central bankers.

    The Federal Reserve is no more a government entity than Federal Express, and yet they control our money supply. 80% of our national debt is owned by this cabal of private bankers. Our money is loaned into existence, and they collect the interest. Our electoral process is just so much kabuki theater to keep us fighting among ourselves while they steal us blind.

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