2 thoughts on “Nobel peace prize

  1. The Nobel committee has been infested with a perverse fetish for wishful thinking. Is the Nobel Prize now a behavioral incentive program? Did Barack Messiah Obama become the President of Peace after he got the prize?
    Will a Nobel Prize, ironically named after the man who invented dynamite, be enough to keep Europe as a group from sliding into the abyss of violence? Is that what we’re to believe?

    So much degenerate foppery.

  2. Major Kong, what the plutocrats in the oligarchy want, they get. The 99% be damned. It doesn’t take a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. Unfortunately, nobody who votes Republican believes in science. So they all think that it’s God’s breath blowing in their faces. Not Romney and the 1% blowing smoke up their arses.

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