6 thoughts on “No wonder cops are depressed

  1. They may also be depressed because they are all so fat. Don’t they have physical conditioning requirements like other branches of the military?

  2. Ya know what? Screw. Them. They’ve chosen a heinous profession in which being a bully is a job requirement and if they are upset at the internal tension their paycheck causes they should get over it and go raise chickens for a living.

    My dad was a cop for a decade, then a prison guard for two decades and he is an example of what such “work” does to people and their relationships. Needless to say, he’s retired and because of his unkindness (along with racism and general peevishness) to me and my family he’s no longer part of our lives. He spent decades “managing his stress” by drinking, philandering, and taking plenty of vacations without his family to trouble him. These people are nearly as farked up as Vietnam veterans. Screw them.

  3. The old man was a rural sheriff for 20 years. I didn’t face the same situation as M.K. Yeah, the old guy was kinda a racist, conservative dick at times, but at least he would of called the Rabbi to see if he knew there was some guy crashed at his place. Entering a facility run by a well known religious organization (you know, those guys who have a reputation for doing various kind things for their fellow human beings), rousting a sleeping guy and proceeding to beat the shit out of him, based on an ‘anonymous’ tip???

  4. I still take comfort from our cops. They still comfort me when I see them. (I hope my feelings are warranted.)

    I live in Montgomery, Alabama. I’ve lived here for 35 years and have born children here.

    I despise our mayor but I still take comfort in my cops. And firefighters.

    Just me

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