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  1. Well and his other uninspired moment was when he spoke to low wage white male laborers and told them that their jobs belonged in China and weren’t coming back. NICE

  2. Tom, there are so many critical issues facing humanity (and also the US subset thereof), that a 5-hour debate wouldn’t be long enough to explore them properly.

  3. Obama didn’t say the jobs “belonged in China.” You’re starting to make shit up just like the Republicans, lless. Tom, Jill Stein got arrested because she’s an asshole and not because she was trying to attend the debate. There is only one issue facing this country, Izquierdo. And that’s why we’re allowing the oligarchy (1%) to destroy our republic. With both political parties filled with Capitalists that issue will never be raised.

  4. It’s been lonely calling bullshit on the “government doesn’t create jobs” Big Lie. Given that FDR, as Philly’s won Dick Polman pointed out, created 15 million of them.

  5. It’s really astonishing how many so called progressives who visit this site and expect Obama to walk on water, even after all he actually DID in spite of the circumstances he faced on Jan. 20, 2009.

    Now, somebody is going to respond in an asshole way to that statement, I’m sure. But the deal is that while many of you ‘claim’ to be progressive in thought, action, and spirit, I’m beginning to wonder if Rush was right when he talked about the white guilt trip as the real reason Obama was supported by so many whites in ’08. Why, exactly, did the ‘shine’ wear off so quickly??? Would McCain or Hillary have been a better choice for you?

    Name a president who could have done better than Obama given the dire circumstances he faced. Name one. Or, maybe Suze may as well name this blog ‘The Drudge Report” and let’s all quit bullshitting one another. Romoney’s our real guy cause Obama has set the table for the next prez to just talk shit about how great his policies have worked:

    the health reform act shoulda been the public option
    Lily Ledbetter didn’t go far enough
    the unemployment numbers are a fake
    we got out of Iraq too soon
    Obama hasn’t created enough jobs quickly enough

  6. Oh, and btw, if you’re really a proud liberal get busy and help appoint the only and best hope for a progressive SCOTUS that YOU and YOUR children may see in the next 50-75 years. I’m an old geezer now, so it doesn’t matter for me anymore. But some of you so-called progressives can’t even walk in Jimmy Carter’s shadow; and, Bobby Kennedy—-a true progressive—- is probably rolling over in his grave if he can know what some of you are claiming in your critism of Obama! Sleep on it………….

  7. So being upset about a Democratic president who plainly wants to undermine Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to make billionaires happy is racist now? To point out that the administration focused on propping up the bad banks instead of helping homeowners (which lengthened and deepened the recession so much worse) is because I’d really rather have a Republican in the White House? Gee, and here I thought I was pointing out the mistakes Obama made THAT WERE IN HIS POWER TO CHANGE might get people off their asses long enough to petition their government for what they want. My bad, I didn’t realize we were marking on the curve. Poor Obama.

  8. Obama is a Capitalist. Begin there when you start analyzing how a Capitalist would solve any of our problems. Do not fall into the FDR trap. He was called a class traitor by his fellow 1%’ers because he saved the Capitalists from themselves. This is a very different time and Obama isn’t creating the welfare state. He’s trying to salvage as much of it as he can from being destroyed by the Republican right. Pounding on him on a daily basis doesn’t make his job any easier. But it does help our not-so-progressive enemies.

  9. But does settling for the least-bad candidate who “at least advanced the ball” reward and encourage further watered-down “advances”? When do we demand better candidates?

    I agree that criticisms of President Obama’s failures make his reelection more difficult. I agree that he has made improvements in some areas. I agree that he was not free to pursue an ideal progressive agenda because of Congressional resistance. But then again, he has said that he is not a progressive, he is a Blue Dog Democrat. He shares the Republican concerns about the deficit and “entitlement programs” that “we cannot afford.” Yet he increased our involvement (and expense) in Afghanistan. He increased drone attacks. He has presided over an administration that continues to back laws that reduce civil liberties, particularly if a President in the future decides to interpret some of those laws to their fullest extent. If we do not criticize the President, what incentive does he have to change?

    When do the Blue Dogs move too far to the right, and when does the Green Party begin to look more attractive than a center-right Democratic Party?

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