Pain injections

So my doctor wants me to get injections in my cervical spine for the pain in my upper arms, and I’m a little wary. “This would be a really good time to get them,” enthuses my nurse in-law. “They’re going to be watching those companies really closely now.”

I thought of trying to explain that it’s the states who have jurisdiction over compound pharmacies, and that they’ve all slashed their budgets, so it’s highly unlikely that they have enough inspectors. But it just seemed like it would be so much work, and I was having fun seeing all my family, so I just smiled and said nothing.

Which is unusual.

But I still have to decide about the injections.

2 thoughts on “Pain injections

  1. Your nurse-in-law is right. Even the places with one inspector per state, even the companies themselves!, are checking everything right now.

    Does that mean you’re 100% safe getting injections now? No. Medicine can’t ever guarantee 100% safety for any given individual. But whatever potential problems are out there, lack of inspection won’t be one of them for a few more months.

  2. I’ve had spinal injections every 6-8 months since 2003. I had a spinal fusion surgical procedure back then whereby the docs inserted 4 new discs—–C-3 through C-6. I live with a titanium plate in my neck to hold all the discs together. The shots have helped relieve scar tissue pain, although not completely. And, there was some nerve damage to deal with which still causes some slight tremors in both hands. But still, I’d recommend getting the injections.

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