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  1. This kind of trickery is reprehensible. It doesn’t really make those who answered the questions look silly. Except to dishonest intellectuals who should know better than to pull this kind of cheap stunt to begin with. I’ll bet that no more than 1% of the general public knows who the Dogon are. Do you? Does not knowing make you a stupid person? That would depend on who’s asking the question. Let’s cut to the chase shall we? Many of Obama’s policy positions are flat out wrong. On the other hand ‘ALL’ of Mitt Romney’s policy positions are wrong. As are ‘ALL’ of the Republican Party’s policy positions. So a rational person will vote against Mitt Romney and every other Republican. Thinking people are fools and then setting out to prove it can be accomplished by any fool.

  2. The sad thing is, it’s not actually trickery. Those really are Romney’s positions (as far as I know). They’re also Obama’s. That’s more like making it obvious rather than trickery. That’s our “choice” this election, which is why some of us are just saying “No.”

    And before you say, “But Obama is so much better!” go watch the video again. In terms of what he *does* and what he wants to do, adding in the fact that people don’t resist at all when he does it, he could easily actually be worse.

    I hope whatever happens, we wind up with the less lethal alternative, but I really don’t know which one that is. And we’ll never know after the fact either.

  3. imhotep, good to see you here to represent for the obots who were interviewed.

    What this really shows is the piss-poor job the media have done of informing the public about Obama’s REAL policies and agenda as shown by his ACTIONS over the last 4 years, which are in direct contrast to the happy talk speeches he gives. It also shows the vapid nature of the campaigns and media coverage that these similarities are not known to the public, if in fact they are similarities. It’s hard to know if Romney would have supported or implemented any of those policies, since he’s not been asked. Liberals tend to just assume he would because ‘Republicans are more evil than Democrats.’ Therefore, they assume that any evil thing done by Obama or other Democrats would also be done by Republicans. I’d love to see some reporter ask Romney “Do you intend to continue Obama’s kill list?”

  4. Look, I don’t think there’s any question that Romney is just as bad, and probably worse. The problem I have is that people are so damned enthusiastic about their support of Obama, as if there’s nothing he could do that would make them feel ambivalent. This isn’t about the election, because this has been going on for four years. This is about taking our share of the moral responsibility for an administration that’s doing some very bad things in our name.

  5. I think it’s more complicated than ‘these people support Obama no matter what’, because it’s totally fair to say that you are against a policy but you are for the overall candidate because of other positions. What we see in this video is some people being skeptical of the interviewer, some people apparently re-thinking their positions, and some taking the position that they support Obama despite his flaws. At work also is the perfectly reasonable principle that you might find a policy that you don’t agree with more palatable if it’s carried out by someone you trust on other issues versus someone who you disagree with totally on everything else. I also disagree with the NDAA and don’t at all respect the idea that Obama pushed for it, but there’s nothing wrong with thinking that we are better off with Obama than with Romney even if they are both pro-NDAA. Even if Romney is not pro-NDAA, it would still be fair for someone to say that they support Obama regardless, based on the totality of his positions and performance.

    However, you wouldn’t know what Romney positions are to make that judgement based on this video. That is why it is paranoid hucksterism and not journalism.

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