Our next Secretary of Commerce?

Penny Pritzker, union buster.

Penny Pritzker, sub-prime lender who drove Superior Bank into the ground.

Penny Pritzker, Chicago Board of Ed member who thinks your children only deserve enough education to make them a member of the workforce.

Penny Pritzker, billionaire tax dodger.

Penny Pritzker, potential Secretary of Commerce nominee? Is this a joke?

Chicago businesswoman Penny Pritzker has emerged as a leading candidate to serve in the administration of President Obama, for whom she has long been a campaign supporter and top fund raiser.

A senior administration official cautioned that no announcement is imminent and that Obama has made no decision. But Pritzker is under consideration to serve as Commerce secretary or perhaps in another senior position involving relations between Obama and business leaders, according to officials close to the process who spoke anonymously to comment on internal deliberations.

Pritzker is a member of the Chicago family behind the Hyatt Hotels Corp. She has been a prominent Obama friend and supporter since his early days in politics and ran his 2008 campaign fundraising operation.

[…] Forbes’ annual list of the world’s billionaires last March put Pritzker at No. 719 and said her hotels and investments were worth $1.8 billion.

6 thoughts on “Our next Secretary of Commerce?

  1. Obama’s a Capitalist so why wouldn’t he appoint other Capitalists to high office? You gotta keep those “job creators” happy.

  2. Why would this be any more of a joke than the entire Obama presidency? Except joke is much too kind for the mass-murdering, war-crime committing, Constitution destroying failure that is O.

  3. Obama, like everyone else, is swimming in a vast, vast in dept and duration, of crony capitalism, insider deals, and blatant exploitation and corruption. And the biggest players in those fields essentially run everything else. Including the organizations that seek to knock the roughest of edges off the most blatant forms of insider dealing and corruption.

    Penny Pritzker is clearly not above any of this. But, good news, she has developed both enemies and resentments within, and for certain groups within, this ruling class of plutocrats/kleptocrats. Given the opportunity she might be willing to seek to make herself like less of a conniver by persecuting, that is haw they will see it, fellow members of her social group of well groomed grifters. This might have the effect of lowered the overall level of corruption and allow the lower classes to exert some control in the openings created by the big boys fighting.

    Remember that Teddy Roosevelt and FDR, who put a cat among the oligarch’s pigeons, came from wealth and power. They knew how to play one group of plutocrats off another to break the grip of a wealthy few over government and the economy.

    On the other hand she might just use the power and position to advance her, and her cronies, cause by continuing the sale of the public good for private gain. But it doesn’t necessarily have to go down that way. The ineffectual throwing of stones really serves no purpose. If she does what you claimed there will be plenty of time to level charges and being the first to cast stones won’t count for anything. Playing the part of Cassandra is a thankless job. But if, on the off chance, she goes the other way, you look the fool and have undermined her effort to go in a direction you want.

    Unfortunately the American people have to work with the twisted wood we have at hand. Obama has to compromise if he is to get anyone in the seat. I assume that he has a plan that will allow such a twisted bit of timber to fit in such a way that the larger structure is, in some way, straightened. I hope it works out that way.

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