Crazy shit

So you’ve probably already heard about the ex-cop who’s on a killing spree in L.A.? He’s killed other cops and their families because he blames them for him losing his job.

The cops are so freaked out that yesterday, they twice yesterday shot other people they thought were driving his truck.

Oh, and here’s his manifesto.

UPDATE: Now that I read his manifesto, I wonder if this guy isn’t telling the truth — and the cops are trying to shut him up. Granted, shooting other people is crazy, but they might have driven him to this point. I wonder if we’ll ever know the truth.

7 thoughts on “Crazy shit

  1. If his allegations were that the LAPD was rife with corrupt lawlessness, I wonder if all the innocent people in the LA area who were sprayed with bullets in pursuit of this guy would tend to agree. There are several incidents where cops on a rampage shot at and hit people in vehicles because they were “similar” to his. That guy might be crazy, but if the officers who did that aren’t arrested and convicted, maybe the whole LAPD is crazy. After all, there’s not a lot of difference between a gun nut taking random pot shots and shooting people, and a gun nut with a badge taking random pot shots and shooting people. . . .

  2. SO long as the forces of the police state continue their war on the rights and liberties of the people of the United States, we will see more and more people stand up to these abuses, and declare their own personal wars in return.

  3. No conspiracy required. Being a law enforcment officer is dangerous enough, and when cops get shot, and killed, they get nervous.

  4. Dorner is nuts, in my opinion. Killing Monica Quan and her fiance because Quan is related to one of the people Dorner feels wronged him is nuts. However, I don’t doubt for a second that he was railroaded, that the LAPD is corrupt as hell, and that there are a lot of LAPD officers who deserve punishment up to and including long prison terms. There is no question in my mind that Dorner was wronged, that his fellow officers dropped N-bombs on him, that they sang Hitler Youth songs, or whatever they were, in front of Schefres, and so on. I also don’t question for a second that Theresa Evans kicked Christopher Gettler in the chest twice after Gettler was handcuffed and secured. I hope Dorner survives, but the LAPD’s attempts to murder citizens for driving trucks similar to Dorner’s make it very clear that he will be executed even if he surrenders with hands in the air in front of a thousand witnesses.

  5. They shot multiple times into a pickup driving down the street. I think they intend to make sure this guy is killed not arrested.

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