Bangladesh factories may be improved

I can’t imagine, in a million years, this happening here — at least, not anymore. Instead, they would just get another tax break and an invitation to serve on Obama’s board of CEO advisors:

Bangladesh has set up a panel to raise the minimum wage for more than three million garment workers, the minister for textiles has said.

The government is under pressure to improve conditions after last month’s collapse of a Dhaka garment factory which left more than 1,000 people dead.

Workers are also demanding the death penalty for Mohammad Sohel Rana, the owner of the collapsed Rana Plaza complex.

A number of people have been arrested and charged with causing deaths by negligence, including Mr Rana, his father and several engineers.

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3 thoughts on “Bangladesh factories may be improved

  1. This is the difference between a Capitalist country where the corporations run the government and the people had better shut up or they’ll be looking for a job as the tax man looks into your affairs. And a NOT Capitalist country where the people have some control because they are not afraid to express themselves. America: home of the brave and land of well-armed crazy people who believe themselves to be free because the 1% tells them that they are on TV.

  2. Public relations bullshit designed to protect the “Made in Bangladesh” label from backlash. As soon as our attention turns these reforms go up in flames. When President Martelly pushed through a bill doubling the minimum wage in Haiti, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton promptly intervened to exempt the production facilities of Hanes and Levi Straus in the enterprise zone to protect American consumers from a seventeen cent per garment price increase. Foreign workers, “fuck’em”.

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