Public Policy Polling on Benghazi…

Well, bless the Republicans’  heart.

While voters overall may think Congress’ focus should be elsewhere there’s no doubt about how mad Republicans are about Benghazi. 41% say they consider this to be the biggest political scandal in American history to only 43% who disagree with that sentiment.

I am glad someone is telling them to be angry. But, are they really informed about the issue?

One interesting thing about the voters who think Benghazi is the biggest political scandal in American history is that 39% of them don’t actually know where it is. 10% think it’s in Egypt, 9% in Iran, 6% in Cuba, 5% in Syria, 4% in Iraq, and 1% each in North Korea and Liberia with 4% not willing to venture a guess.

That’s a lot of ill informed people throwing a fit.


4 thoughts on “Public Policy Polling on Benghazi…

  1. Being stupid on an issue has never deterred Repuglicants from being outraged, outraged that is . . . And their worst and dumbest are now leaders in Congress 😐

  2. Okay, fair point, but just to be safe let’s not poll to see where the folks who think Benghazi is a nothing burger believe it is located.

  3. Iless, I DID think about that today, while I was thinking about Petraeus…

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