Scandal of the day

Now that the members of the corporate media are all playing the scandal game (Marco! Polo! Marco! Polo!), the New York Times has a “scandal” about Hillary Clinton’s adviser also working as a consultant.

Here’s the key fact:

Ms. Abedin reached her new working arrangement in June 2012, when she returned from maternity leave, quietly leaving her position as deputy chief of staff and becoming a special government employee, which is essentially a consultant. A State Department official said that change freed her from the requirement that she disclose her private earnings for the rest of the year on her financial disclosure forms. Still, during that period, she continued to be identified publicly in news reports as Mrs. Clinton’s deputy chief of staff.

Yes, she continued to be identified as such, most likely because the reporters didn’t know. Funnily enough, many, many federal workers are hired back as consultants because of deficit madness. Hmmm.

3 thoughts on “Scandal of the day

  1. Reporters are the last to know anything. Kind of like how they STILL to this day identify Ron Goldman as Nicole Brown Simpson’s “friend”. He was returning a pair of glasses she left in the restaurant where he worked as a server.

    That always pissed me off and I can’t imagine how the Goldman’s feel.

  2. All politicians are corrupt. Hillary Clinton is no exception. Double-dipping has been going on since the republic was set up. It was wrong then. It’s wrong today.

  3. The 1%’s stenographers at work. Remember, it’s not their job to investigate, only to pose questions the person being interviewed gave them and then write down the answer. Any wonder a press badge is like a target on your back?

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