Just so we’re clear: The Benghazi “consulate” was actually a CIA black site, where they were holding people. That’s why the administration didn’t go into detail about it, the Republicans knew that and took advantage of that fact. Because they’re shameless, and they will do anything to smear Obama.

The real scandals don’t seem to bother anyone but us: Millions still unemployed or underemployed, kids burdened with school loans who can’t get jobs to pay them off, an enormous number of people on food stamps and no end in sight.

7 thoughts on “Benghazi

  1. Now I see that CBS has outed Congressional Republicans as the source of the doctored email that they then used to get outraged. A special prosecutor may be needed after all . . . to investigate Republican treason.

  2. And, to me, it’s still an huge scandal that the Big Banksters and their mortgage servicing minions are allowed to use faked papers to foreclose on people’s houses. David Dayen is keeping his eye on this scandal, but the MCMers?

    Huh, you MCMers? Huh, HUH???

    But, of course, I’m just a wild eyed liberal leftish (as opposed to Corporatist lib or NeoLib…whatever,I I’m someone the Corporatists disdain. Suffice it to say that I am not megawealthy, so what I, and people like me — the vast numbers in the lower economic quintiles, think is of absolutely no importance to the PTB’s and their bought and owned politicians.

    Oh, except that they try to fool us around election times.

    Benghazi and now Hillary’s aide are two-fers: The Repubs get to go after Obama and work on softening up Hillary in case she runs.

  3. Mention this to right leaning people and they will give you the tilted head confused dog look……

  4. We’re conflating two entities. The private sector and the government. Jobs are very important. But in a Capitalist economic system only the private sector can create jobs. Obama and the rest of us can talk until we’re blue in the face, but unless and until the private sector—-corporations—-decide to bring down the unemployment rate by hiring people, lots of people will be out of work. Our bitch is with the Capitalist economic system. And people like Bill Clinton and NAFTA. Bill Clinton and the repeal of Glass Stegall. Ronald Reagan and the destruction of the unions begining with the air traffic controllers. Both Bush’s with their Laffer Curve economics and Ayn Rand philosophy. Oh, and Obama with hiring billionaire Capitalists to advise him on the continuation of the Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush policies. Warmongering, Capitalist that he is.

  5. It is developing that this satellite’s primary purpose lay not in the domain of the State Department but was a surveillance outpost for the CIA. That I get and it explains a lot about the ass covering going on. But where is the attribution for this being a “black site” and detention facility. If that is true the nature off the attack changes dramatically and it becomes inexplicable how the low level of security could have been in place. Is it a fact that this was a detention facility?

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