2 thoughts on “49 schools

  1. Seems to be a common theme all over. (Just ignore the peer-reviewed studies that say the average charter school is no better than the average public school, and more expensive.)

  2. For Corporatists, public schools really do represent a denial of profit. There’s only so much they can make from selling textbooks or videos, testing materials and prep for those, equipment for school labs. etc.

    No, the big profit comes from getting right to the source of education funding, the tax flow into the governing entity which controls the schools: Hence, get rid of the actual public schools and go private. There lies the way to make real money off of kids and their parents desperate for a decent education for their kids. Siphon those profits directly into the maw of the Big Corporations and their fat cat execs.

    Few of the non-parents really pay attention to what’s goind on with education budget, anyway, so that makes it even easier. And those parents are working so many jobs and so busy they can’t really get a handle on what’s being done to them and their kids. They know it’s bad, but now to fight this now many headed monster?

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