We are so shocked. Again.

I thought charter schools were going to save us?

Another Philadelphia administrator has been disciplined for his role in Pennsylvania’s widespread cheating scandal on state standardized tests.

Thomas Conway, a former assistant principal at Philadelphia Electrical and Technology Charter High School, has had his credentials suspended, according to the State Department of Education’s website. Cited as the grounds for discipline:

“Allegations that Educator violated the integrity and security of the statewide assessment by failing to follow proper procedures related to the handling and storage of secure documents, and by reviewing the assessment for purposes of creating an answer key.”

Conway has lost his administrative and supervisory credentials, along with his letter of superintendent eligibility, for a term of three years, ending April 29, 2016. The suspension of Conway’s instructional certificate will last six months and was effective starting in December 2012.

H/t Medical Malpractice Attorney Thomas Soldan.

3 thoughts on “We are so shocked. Again.

  1. When you privatize “everything”——the Capitalist panacea—–you invite corruption. The goal becomes making a profit. Offering good service becomes secondary. Greed becomes a good thing. Altruism is for suckers when there’s money to be made.

  2. Charter schools are a stinking boondoggle. When the hell is the media going to report on their abject failure to produce . . . anywhere . . . ever?

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