Breadwinners and vixens…

Last week Fox News commentators expressed their concern with the breakdown of American society due to 40% of households having a female breadwinner. The conclusion was this is tearing at the warp and weave of the American family.

Daniel Bergner wrote an article in New York Magazine (May 22) last month about researching, case studies and trials of a female Viagra. There are some researchers concerned about creating sexually “overly aggressive” women with the development of a “female Viagra.”

Journalist Daniel Bergner, whose story on the still-being-developed wonder drug was published last week in the New York Times Magazine, says researchers worry about creating an orgasm-hungry nympho. Yeah, the author expressed surprise at that, too.

So drug companies may actually temper the potency of these easy-to-swallow menthol-flavored passion-stimulants, lest these crazy sex-having females have, you know, crazy amounts of sex. Whenever they feel like it, which would, presumably, be way more often…

Page eight of the article quotes Andrew Goldstein, a researcher on the drug, has some concerns about women and this soon to be available drug…

You want your effects to be good but not too good, there was a lot of discussion about it by the experts in the room … the need to show that you’re not turning women into nymphomaniacs. There’s a bias against — a fear of creating the sexually aggressive woman.

***Giggle***Snort***   REALLY? Oh, my! You perceive that as a problem?

The image of the perfect woman on teevee when I was a young adult was a breadwinner and vixen.

What happened?

8 thoughts on “Breadwinners and vixens…

  1. Men’s thoughts on all things female should remain hidden in their anxiety closets.

  2. The only time Archie was afraid was when Edith went through menopause. What men are afraid of today is a pill able to turn women into “nymphomaniacs?” With everything else going on in the world this is an actual issue? Don’t men know that the Amazons are mythology? Although one-breasted women shooting arrows might have been the genesis for Valentine’s Day? Except that that was probably the Gnostic Valentinus who the Catholic Church declared to be a heretic. Because Valentinus believed in the Sacred Feminine represented by Isis, Sophia, and Venus. The Church preferred the demon Lilith as the female protagonist. Remember it was all Eve’s fault.

  3. How else are women going to be able to accommodate the possible 4-hour erection provided by men’s Viagra???? If a woman really cared about pleasing a man for up to 4 straight hours, it only makes sense that she take something to help her be the best wife/girlfriend/mistress she can be.

    just sayin’….

  4. Jeezuz, the boundaries of acceptable behavior a little constraining, ya think? A pretty narrow freakin’ window.

  5. If it was all Eve’s fault, then why did God give Ann Coulter an Adam’s apple?

  6. I would imagine that the “dream”, moist or otherwise, of “… creating sexually “overly aggressive” women…” is a wish come true, probably after the folks in Big Pharma had drinks after work with the folks who brought us crotchless panties.

    I couldn’t help but notice that these stimulants are going to be “easy to swallow”. Jesus.

    Who does their marketing writing – Andrew Dice Clay?

    ‘So, I sez to her ‘honey, this is going to easy to swallow’ – just like something else in about 5 minutes. Ooohhh…’

    I also note it’s menthol flavored. Great. Maybe if we can make some other bodily fluids – male or female – you know, flavored, we’d really be on to something.

    But, and I’m just asking here, can we please rule out ‘banana’?

  7. I notice in the Enjloi commersh that the pan with which shw would fry the ‘brought home’ bacon is most ill suited to the task and would totally stick to the bacon. Plus it was aluminum. I guess a cast iron was too heavy, huh? But I’m sure they had teflon coated back then, better of course is enameled. Just sayin’ that ain’t a proper pan.

  8. Well, coming from the South, if was me in the commercial (ha, ha) it would definitely be a Lodge cast iron pan. Good weapon, too! 😉

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