Holy Tom

If only Holy Tom Corbett was as concerned about the people going without food or the school district that’s cutting all “frills” like school nurses and libraries. But he’s a Republican!

HARRISBURG — Women in Pennsylvania will have the right to choose insurance through the state health exchange, but it won’t extend to abortion.

The state Senate on Wednesday voted 31-19 to approve House Bill 818, which prohibits insurance policies offered through Pennsylvania’s upcoming health-care insurance exchanges from offering abortion coverage. The bill, which already passed in the House, goes to Gov.Corbett.

Christine Cronkright, a spokeswoman for Corbett, said the governor will sign the bill.

In an email, Cronkright said the bill would not “place any greater restrictions” on access-to-care for abortion. Abortions will still be allowed in cases of rape, incest or if the life of the mother is at risk.

However, the ban also extends to plans sold by private insurers issued without federal subsidy.

There’s that small-government, market-friendly GOP for ya!

Via DUI attorney Karin Porter.

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  1. The Hyde Amendment was a cancer and the Democrats’ spineless embrace of it is a weeping sore.

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