2 thoughts on “True believers

  1. Compared to Obama, Bush was transparent. Very few people really know about or understand what our foreign policy is. That’s the fault of the 1% and their wholly owned media. It is not the fault of the “people.” Except for those who should know better than to think that foreign policy is’nt all that important. Toure was way out of his element yesterday. And so were the others on the panel. He and they looked like the asses that they generally are. 66% of the general public still believes that drone strikes are a good thing. That’s because the media has allowed Obama and the neo-cons running his foreign policy a free pass in the press. The press has never done any real reporting on the drone program until very recently.

  2. And there are so incredibly many same polices to choose from!

    Actually, it’s almost impossible to keep them all straight all the time.

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