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Peter Scheer of Truthdig:

As a senator, Barack Obama was vehemently opposed to the abuses of power by the Bush administration. He rejected the “false choice between the liberties we cherish and the security we demand.” If President Obama changed his mind about that, it seems to me there was a perfectly appropriate time to say so, and that would have been, at the latest, before the 2012 election.

One thought on “Quote of the day

  1. Are there more idiots and fools living in America today than were living here in 1776? The framers of the Constitution believed that fools and idiots were everywhere way back then. Which is why we have a Bill of Rights (1791). The 4th Amendment is pretty clear. Even our Constitutional scholar president should be able to read and comprehend it. Don’t you think? When is the 1% and their boought-and-paid-for politicians going to stop trying to work a game on us?

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