Middle-aged aches and pains

I really fucked up my leg again (slammed my foot into a footstool). I also twisted my knee two weeks ago, and it wasn’t feeling any better. So I went to the physiatrist again today, and we spent about a half hour, just trying to figure out what to do next. “You’re still in pain, which tells me it’s really inflamed,” he said. “Ordinarily, I’d throw a couple of acupuncture needles in there, but since you had such a strong reaction the last time, I’m reluctant to do it.”

We finally decided to do a cortisone shot, since it would at least deal with the pain, and that’s what was making it so hard to walk. (I’d like to be able to get around at Netroots Nation next week. I can dream, can’t I?)

Then he taped up my knee and told me to go home and ice it. Here’s hoping! It’s amazing, how much of middle age is dealing with these little problems. (Which is why they should lower the Medicare age to 50.)

2 thoughts on “Middle-aged aches and pains

  1. Sigh. Middle age. I was given the Senior discount at the grocery store yesterday without asking….. :/

  2. I know what you mean. I’m always a bit ‘aggrieved’ at the cashier when the little honey asks, “and that’s with the Senior Discount?” :-\

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