One thought on “Breaking the silence

  1. We all know that in the Syrian sectarian, proxy war the Muslim Shi’ites are fighting against the Muslim Sunnis. But did you know that there are two major Jewish sects, the Ashke-nazi and the Sephardi, who don’t much like each other? The Ashke-nazi once had a Kingdom located along the Black Sea from the Ukraine to Armenia. The Khazars Empire (618-1048 AD). After their empire fell to the Kurds and the Tatars the Ashke-nazi fled west and settled along the Rhine River in Germany. The Sephardic Jews have always lived in Spain. These two Jewish sects have very different histories and religious traditions. In order to maintain their power and prevent these two sects from tearing each other apart politically the Zionists have ‘invented’ external enemies and threats (today it’s Iran) to instill fear in the Jewish people.

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